How the Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournament Began

Sign at Dock Puerto Morelos Cesar Martin Rosado tournament

The town of Puerto Morelos had a group of founding fathers. Among them was Cesar Martin Rosado, who owned a large portion of land, which is now the heart of the town. That's why many businesses in town still have his name, such as the supermarket, which is called "Casa Martin." The local taxicab union also bears his name. But most of all he had a passion for fishing. Don Cesar, as he was called, began the local fishing tournament with his friends and colleagues twenty-one years ago.Crowds at the dock for the Cesar Martin Rosado tournament It was always held on June 1 to commemorate Navy Day in Mexico. But as more tournaments in the area were organized, the dates began to change in order to allow fishermen to attend all. Most tournaments are held between May and August.

What started out as a local fishing tournament has turned out to be one of the most popular with some 115 boats from up and down the coast competing. In 1998 the first Blue Marlin of the tournament was caught to take first place and the boat was captained by a woman. In 2005 the first prize winner took home a car. And every year the Martin Rosado family donates most of the purse money for the tournament.