For those of you who are not too familiar with the sport of fishing, here is some additional information.

Trolling is placing your lures in the water with your boat in gear and letting the speed of your boat decide the action of the lure. One of the big keys to consistent success is a good spread of lures, which gets all the lures you are allowed to run into the water without tangling. This spread covers a broad range of depths, distances from the boat, lure style and color.

We troll with four lines in the water at the same time. One line is hooked onto a downrigger with an 8-pound weight, which keeps the lure deep. Two other lines are hooked on outriggers, which fall off to the sides of the boat but are basically skimming the top of the water. The last line is pulled behind the boat also at surface level. We may adjust these lures by adding on weight or lures with steelheads.

Interested in learning more about trolling line preparation, download this Trolling Handbook.

Outrigger   Downrigger   Grapics of trolling lines using outrigers and down riggers in comerical fishing

We use Ballyhoo for bait and a wide variety of lures.

Ballyhoo is a bait fish 5 to 8 inches in length was for trolling.  Ballyhoo
Saillfish caught by 3 boys 1st time fishing!

Trolling is a patient sport. The boat moves through the water pulling the lines in hopes of attracting the larger billfish; sailfish, mackerel, mahi-mahi, marlin and sometimes large barracuda.

When trolling it is important to watch the rods as they are being pulled because as the fish attack the bait, the tip of the rod will bend toward the water. Sometimes the clicker on the reel does not go off when a fish is biting, so the bending of the rod is important to watch. Sailfish caught by a couple of Canadian guys getting out of the cold!However, when that noisy clicker does go off you can feel the adrenaline rush in you blood as the Captain and mate take their positions for possibly bringing in "the big one." After hearing that clicker go off you will begin the task of reeling in your catch which could take a half-hour or more.

Trolling is exciting, but again, it is patience too.

Just Remember!

If it was called "catching" then you would be catching fish all of the time. Fishing requires a lot of patience and a good amount of luck. We cannot always guarantee a catch on our trolling trips, but we do highly guarantee a catch while bottom fishing.

Boats for trolling

Reelaxation is a 35 foot Bertram yacht with twin Caterpillar 3208 turbo engines. It can carry eight people very well. Docked in Puertto Morelos.
Reelaxation Nauti K-9 is a 24 foot Seaswirl fishing boat docked in Puerto Morelos that comfortably holds four people for fishing.
Nauti K-9 Double Trouble is a 35 foot Bertram yacht with twin Caterpillar 3208 turbo engines. It can carry eight people very well and is equipped with a head and full-sized cabin, docked in Puerto Morelos.
Double Trouble Raptor is a 35 foot Bertram yacht docked in Puerto Morelos. It can carry eight people very well and is equipped with a head and full-sized cabin.
Raptor Don Pepe is a 33 foot Sportscraft fishing boat with a tuna tower that comfortably holds eight people for fishing with Penn rods and reels docked in Puerto Morelos.
Don Pepe Fishin' Boat is a 24 Foot Sea Ray Laguna docked in Puerto Morelos, which is great for 4 people fishing has tuna tower and head.
Fishin' Boat